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I am fascinated by politics especially here in the UK and I believe that leadership is a major factor in the political landscape. I don’t plan to turn this into a party politics site I’m more interested in how we provide leadership to a diverse community of people in a country of over 60 million.

You can’t get a consensus without providing a dream, defining a goal and energising enough people to achieve that goal. So this section is about whether or not we have good leaders.

What next for Brexit?

June 27, 2016

Brexit consequences without bias or hysteria So what happens now? Despite all the rhetoric the referendum was a recommendation not […]

Brexit made simple

April 26, 2016

Don’t worry I’m not going to berate you to leave or stay.  I’m more interested in how politicians have positioned […]

UK Needs leadership

January 23, 2016

I’m very concerned that as a country we’re marching towards a catastrophe when it comes to the EU referendum. I […]