Liquidity Management is overlooked by many banks when it comes to Instant Payments – Banks must start to pay attention and act now

With the pan-European Instant Payments Scheme due to go live in November this year, real-time payments are about to become a reality for many businesses and consumers in Europe. Our own research shows that the demand for faster and innovative banking services among consumers and business is high. Many banks and PSPs are currently developing business cases …
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The single banking lobbyist arrives

I was surprised to see that the BBA have agreed to join the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Payments UK and the UK Cards Association to form a new single banking lobbying group as reported by Tim Wallace of the Telegraph. I always felt that the four groups had clear markets to look after and clear …
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Who controls your identity?

I was privileged to be part of a debate amongst some of our industry experts in Identity and Authentication techniques. It was clear from the debate that there’s a deal of concern about the issue of ID verification especially. Technology is again, driving innovation in ID verification caused by a number of issues: The proliferation …
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