Tony Morris, one of the UK’s leading sales trainers, has offered potential clients an amazing deal. In exchange for your email, Tony will send you a short sales training video a week for a year covering all aspects of selling. Subscribers can view the videos alone or incorporate them into their own sales training events …
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Sources of Business Funding

The following is an open list of companies that provide either funding or information about sources of funding.  Please contact them directly. If you’d like to add your company, please use the contact form to send me details. Funding Sources Hargreaves & Lansdown Funding Circle.

When cloud computing meets banking

One of the biggest trends in the use of technology has been ‘the cloud’, which for many of us is now ubiquitous in our daily lives – from storing personal data on our smartphones to business cloud storage solutions. In most cases cloud computing offers a convenient, cost effective and secure method of storing a …
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What next for Brexit?

Brexit consequences without bias or hysteria So what happens now? Despite all the rhetoric the referendum was a recommendation not a legal fact. The PM, cabinet and Parliament can ignore the result and vote to remain in the EU if they so wish. The likelihood that there will be a second referendum is non-existent because …
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The single banking lobbyist arrives

I was surprised to see that the BBA have agreed to join the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Payments UK and the UK Cards Association to form a new single banking lobbying group as reported by Tim Wallace of the Telegraph. I always felt that the four groups had clear markets to look after and clear …
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Blockchain or dog-chain?

Although developed to underpin Bitcoin technology, the way that transactions were recorded digitally and how through encryption and validation they were protected from change but open to scrutiny, has led to the adoption of the Blockchain model by industry at large especially banking. The chain of ‘events’ in a business transaction can be long and …
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